Mad About Skin


Mad About Skin®: An ESF Brand

Created at the beginning of the 1980s, ESF (European Stretch Fabrics), a subsidiary of the Payen group, produces a range of innovative textiles with a large selection of elastic fabrics. The collection is updated every month and can be entirely personalized.
ESF provided sportswear for a number of athletes at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and will also be involved in supplying athletes for the China Olympics this year. In 1999, ESF created the finest fabric in the world.
ESF has been producing the Aquatech range since 1998, and launched the Mad About Skin range in 2006. To find out more, please visit the group’s websites:

Mad About Skin®: Ethics & sustainable development

Durable Products and Ethical business Principles
The Mad About Skin® range is certified by “OEKO-TEX”: This label safeguards the consumer, guaranteeing that no dangerous materials have been used. It is backed by Asqual* and aims to warn of the possible risk of irritation, allergic reactions or of cancer carried by products worn on the skin.
Sensitive to the need to protect the environment and for sustainable development, the Mad About Skin® range is produced in a way that helps reducing greenhouse gas emissions by: minimising transportation thanks to integrated production; limiting environmental impact by using specialised, lighter products; utilising effective industrial tools that economise on water usage and by optimising energy consumption.
Thanks to the light, durable qualities of the Mad About Skin® range, we are able to economize on the use of detergents and minimize waste. The Mad About Skin® range is also committed to using ethical business principles and is produced solely in France.

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An ESF brand