Mad About Skin


The combination of timeless weaving techniques and the most recent innovations created at our development centre resulted in the Mad About Skin® range.

This weaving technique allows us to intricately interlace warp and weft threads, offering an incomparable fabric structure with a whole new level of quality.
The first advantage of this technique is that our complete range of 40 to 160 g/m2 lingerie and beachwear dries ultra-quickly.
The second advantage of the warp & weft fabric structure is its exceptional resistance. Mad About Skin® has been tested and certified to guarantee lasting quality (see IFTH tests).

Thanks to the revolutionary elasticity of the range, Mad About Skin brings together support and comfort, offering the effect of having a ‘real’ second skin..

The warp & weft fabric structure
Mad About Skin® means incomparable aesthetic qualities: Perfect check patterns, beautiful shading, stunning fabric effects and fine prints are what make the collection exceptional.

Easy to use, Mad About Skin fabrics also offer the advantage of
not curling when cut.

Mad About Skin® fabrics are amazingly feather light: Offering you the finest bi-elastic fabric in the world while satisfying all your desires for lightness.
An ESF brand